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Health Hazards in the Home

In recent years, with more and more people working from home, the length of time we spend in our houses and apartments has increased, and with it, our exposure to the unseen health hazards that may be present in properties of all ages.

Building standards have changed over time, and construction materials have become heathlier in recent times, with identified hazardous materials no longer being used in new builds.

However, other changes have had negative side effects. Old annoyances like draughty windows and doors had their upsides, and provided vital ventilation. Radon, a naturally occuring but radioactive gas is more likely to build up in a well sealed modern home, and moulds thrive.

Asbestos and lead pipes can deteriorate over time, requiring costly remediation efforts and potentially exposing residents to harmful substances. Poor water quality too can lead poor water quality can lead to various health issues.

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What we check

Radon Level

Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep into homes from the ground and build up, posing a significant health risk, when inhaled over extended periods. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) say that approximately 350 cases of lung cancer in Ireland can be attribted to radon. Radon barriers have been put in new builds as standard since 1998 and are effective if installed correctly, but the only way of knowing what radon levels are like in a home is by testing. In Ireland, it is of particular importance to homeowners due to the country’s geological characteristics, as high radon levels are relatively common, making regular testing and mitigation measures crucial to safeguarding the health of residents.

On the first site visit the Engineer or Surveyor will set up the radon test pods, and after thee months they will return to retrieve the samples. A written report on the results will be provided.

Water Quality

The EU drinking water standard, as applied in Ireland, sets stringent limits for contaminants such as E. coli, ensuring that drinking water is free from harmful bacteria. Additionally, it establishes thresholds for various common contaminants and microorganisms, safeguarding the quality and safety of drinking water by addressing issues like lead, nitrates, and cryptosporidium, thus protecting public health across the country.

Your Engineer or Surveyor will take a water sample and have it tested in a laboratory to determine if it meets EU drinking water standards. A written report is provided, usually in approximately two to three weeks.

Healthy Building Survey

Poor ventilation can lead to a buildup of indoor pollutants, causing respiratory problems and discomfort. Our Engineers and Surveyors can advise on how to address problems with black mould and other moisture and dampness problems.

Asbestos and lead piping, when deteriorating, release toxic substances into the environment, posing severe health risks such as cancer and lead poisoning. The assesment involves a non-destructive inspection of the property to determine whether hazardous materials such as lead piping and asbestos are present. A consise written report will be provided addressing the health hazards that have been detected as part of the Healthy Building Survey .

Healthy Home Options & Prices

HomeCheck Healthy Home Assessment

Radon & Survey

from €450 ex VAT

€553.50 Incl VAT

  • Radon Test
  • Healthy Building Survey
  • Two site visits

Water & Survey

from €500 ex VAT

€615 Incl VAT

  • Water Test (EU standard)
  • Healthy Building Survey
  • Single site visit

Radon, Water and Survey

from €700 ex VAT

€861 Incl VAT

  • Water Test (EU standard)
  • Radon Test
  • Healthy Building Survey
  • Two site visits

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