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Pyrrhotite and Mica in Donegal Concrete Blocks


The "Mica Crisis" in Donegal, Ireland, is a term that refers to the structural damage observed in thousands of homes built with concrete blocks that contain high levels of mica. This issue has affected not only private residences but also commercial and public buildings, including schools, libraries, hospitals, and government buildings. The severity of the

All You Need to Know About the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant


Have you been considering investing in a vacant property and refurbishing it? If so, you may be eligible for the Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant. This grant is available to homebuyers who are looking to live in a refurbished property. The maximum amount available is €50,000. In this blog post, we'll explain what this scheme is



Woodworm Infestation This pest is a serious problem for homeowners in Ireland, with thousands of households affected each year. Woodworm is caused by wood-boring beetles, which in extreme cases, can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of a home. As a result, it is essential for prospective home buyers to be aware of the

Snag Lists, Their Benefits & Hidden Home Buying Costs – Experts Comment.


Snag lists are a huge part of the building/sale process of a new home. Securing your first home can be a hugely exciting time however there are many things that need to be addressed prior to a sale being finalised and completed.   Property surveys and snag lists must be compiled by qualified and relevant engineers

What Does a Structural Survey Cover?


If you’re planning to purchase residential property, you may be wondering “what does a structural survey cover?” If you’re negotiating a selling price for the property, your mortgage valuation survey is not enough to get an actual impression of the property’s true condition, which is why structural surveys are an essential component for prospective homebuyers. 

How Snagging Lists Can Help New Property Owners


How can snagging lists help new property owners? If you're thinking about buying a newly built house or apartment, snag lists are one of the most important property surveys you can have carried out. Unlike previously occupied properties, new builds tend to be free of superficial damage and wear and tear from inhabitants, however, damage

How Much Does a Property Survey Cost for a New House?


Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new residential property in Ireland or have already negotiated with a seller, you may be wondering “how much is a survey when buying a house?” The short answer is “it depends”  - on floor area of the house or apartment, size of the site, distance from the surveyors base,

Alternations & planning permission?


We are actively looking to buy a home, but we are having difficulty finding the perfect layout to suit our family needs. Do all alterations to houses require planning permission? There are many alterations which you can make to a property which do not require planning permission. You can carry out any internal alteration